Use Profiles to connect with people

View a person's profile to learn about them, see their picture, and find their contact information. You can connect with a person from their profile by sending them an email, inviting them to your network, following them, or viewing their updates.

In addition to contact details and work background, a profile provides rich, social information about a person that can help you decide whether you want to connect with a person. You can find out how you are related to the person, what you have in common, view their status updates, and keep up with what they are doing.

When Sametime® awareness is enabled, the person's online status is displayed, and you can start an instant chat with them directly from their profile. The IBM® Connections Plug-in for Sametime must be installed for this information to display.

A person's profile provides you with several ways to connect with them:
A person's profile also contains pertinent information about them, including things like:
Use the information in a person's profile to view the ways that the two of you might be connected.
Find out about a person's position in the organizational hierarchy in the Report-to-Chain section. Choose one of the following options to open additional information about the people in the reporting structure:
Table 1. Reporting structure views
View Description
Full Report-to Chain Opens a page that shows basic information about the people in the organizational hierarchy.
Same Manager Opens a page that shows basic information about the people who also report to the profile owner's manager.
People Managed Opens a page that shows basic information about the people that the profile owner manages.

You can also download a person's vcard from their profile.