What's new in the Home page?

Find out about the new and updated features that are designed to make the Home page easier for you to use.

The following features are new or updated for the Home page in IBM® Connections 5.0.
  • The activity stream search in the user interface is now supported and is filtered by hashtag (#). This feature allows the submission of tags with events so that searches on the home page tag finds those events.
  • Include hashtags (#) in a reply to a status update This function supports Hashtag in microblog comments. Now, when you click a hashtag in a comment in News and in the replies section of an activity entry you are directed to a search result page. This page returns all status updates and comments that have the corresponding hashtag. This feature aligns the behavior of hashtags in microblogs to that in top level status updates.
  • URL Preview is added to the sharebox.
  • External users have limited access to the home page.
  • Badging on the Mentions and the My Notifications views. When you have a new event in either of these views the badge is visible and then fades when the user goes to the view and reads the events.

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