Creating folders

Folders enable you to group files together in a meaningful way. Folders can be designated as private, shared, or available to everyone.

About this task

You can create a folder to enable files to be grouped together. This enables you to group files together for yourself in a meaningful way. You can optionally enable one of three types of sharing capabilities to allow others to collaborate on files within the folder -- reader, contributor, or owner.

Note: You can also share folders within a community using the Files application in the Community application. For information, see Sharing folders with your community.
  • Files in private folders only can be viewed and edited by their owner.

    If you make a private folder public, files that are not assigned to be public are removed from the folder.

  • Files in folders that you have shared with people or communities can be viewed and edited by people and communities with whom the folder has been shared.
    People and communities can have Reader, Contributor or Owner access to a folder.
    • Readers can view files in the folder.
    • Contributors can add files to the folder, delete files they have added, and see information about files in the folder.
    • Owners can share the folder with other people, and delete files from the folder.

    When you share a folder with people and communities, they can see the files in that folder. However, they cannot see those same files anywhere else unless you explicitly share the files with them. For example, if you add a file to a folder and share the folder with Cathy but have not shared the file with Cathy, she can see and open the file in the folder, but cannot see it in any other list.

    When you share a folder with people or change their role, those people are notified.

  • Files in public folders can be read by anyone, but only the owner and those who have been made Contributor or Owner can add files to those folders.
    Note: External users cannot see or access public folders and files.


  1. Click New Folder.
  2. Type a folder name.
  3. Optional: Type a description.
  4. Specify how to share the folder.
    • Select No one to make the folder private.
    • Select People, Groups, or Communities to share the file with specific people.
      1. Select a Person, a Group or a Community.
      2. Assign an access level of as Reader, as Contributor or as Owner.
      3. Start typing a name or email address, then select that name or address if it displays.
    • Select Public to make the file visible to everyone, even people who have not logged in. Optionally enable Everyone can contribute to this folder to make the folder available to everyone who has logged in.
  5. Click Save to create the folder.