What's new in Files?

Find out what’s new or updated in Files.

The following features are new for Files in IBM® Connections:
  • Thumbnail view Thumbnail view is a gallery of images that represent files. Hovering over a thumbnail image toggles the image to its reverse side where you can see file details and status.
  • File Preview becomes available when you click anywhere on the back of the thumbnail to get an advance viewing of the file. The file preview should give you enough information about the file's content to decide whether you want to download it.
  • File Sync is a high-level folder where you can add files to be synchronized to your desktop so you can work with those files offline. Syncing is a way to share a file and keep it synchronized when multiple people are updating it concurrently.
    Note: Being able to synchronize files is dependent on the desktop plug-ins being installed on your client.
  • External users from outside your company or organization can collaborate on files shared with them. Also, they can tag, organize files in folders, and access files from other applications, such as Communities. Content shared by externals users has this icon external user icon associated with it.