Uploading content to the media gallery

Use your community's media gallery to share photos and videos with the rest of your community.

Before you begin

Community owners can configure the media gallery to show videos only or photos only. In this case, the options available in the user interface allow you only to upload files of the specified type.

When you upload content, you might need to accept custom terms and conditions or specify extra metadata, such as the photo or video location, or video duration. The following steps describe the default procedure for uploading a photo or video file, but extra custom options might be included in your configuration.

About this task

If your community has a media gallery, you and other members can upload multimedia content to the community from the Media Gallery widget on the community's Overview page or from the main Media Gallery page.


To upload a file to your community's media gallery, complete the following steps.

From the Media Gallery widget, click Upload, and then do one of the following actions:


If premoderation is enabled for your community, the file is submitted for upload pending approval by the community moderator. If premoderation is not enabled, the file is uploaded immediately. When you first upload a photo or video, you might not see the image immediately. Instead, you might see a gray icon as a placeholder for the file. Refresh the page after a few minutes to see the file that is rendered on the current page.

What to do next

The files that you add to your community's media gallery are stored in the community's file library. Although you can access media gallery files by using the Files widget, it is preferable to use the media gallery as your access point. This is because the media gallery provides more options for working with your photo and video files. For more information, see Working with media gallery content.

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