Organizing media gallery files into folders and leveraging Files features

Put Media Gallery files in community folders and showcase files in the Gallery widget. The Files widget is improved to include features previously only available in the Media Gallery. Also, Files provides functionality that was not included in the Media Gallery such as folders and the ability to upload multiple files at one time.

Before you begin

Your community must contain a community gallery. For more information, see Adding widgets to your Community.

About this task

Improve the organization and visibility of your Media Gallery files by putting them in community folders on the community overview page. All Media Gallery files can be found in the Files view.


  1. Create a community folder where you can store media gallery content. For more information, see Managing community folders.
  2. Go to the file information page for each file you want to put in the new folder.
  3. For each file, click Add to Folder and select the folder you want to put the file in.

What to do next

Add a Gallery to the community overview and set it up to display files in the folder you created. For more information, see Configuring a community gallery to highlight to community files and folders.
Note: If you remove the Media Gallery widget you cannot restore it.

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