Managing the Media Gallery widget

As community owner, you can specify the type of content that you want the Media Gallery widget to display by editing settings for the widget. You can also hide the widget or remove it from the community.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to hide or remove the Media Gallery widget, or to set display preferences for the widget. You must also be logged in to IBM® Connections.

About this task

You can set widget preferences to specify whether the Media Gallery widget in your community shows only photos or videos, or both. If the widget is configured to show both photos and videos, community members can then filter the media gallery by file type. You can also specify the property templates to use for photo and video content within the community. Depending on which template you specify, different attributes might display in the user interface in addition to the standard attributes when users are uploading and working with media gallery content.

If you want to remove the Media Gallery widget from your community temporarily, you can hide it from the community. You can also delete the widget if you want to remove it from the community permanently.


From the community's Overview page, click the Actions icon Actions icon in the Media Gallery widget title bar, and select from the menu that displays.

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