What can I do as a community owner?

Find out what actions you can perform in a community when you are a community owner.

Tip: If you are unsure of what your role is within a community, open the Members page and look for your name or for the name of the group to which you belong. Your role displays under your name or group name.
Note: The tasks listed in the following tables indicate what a community owner can do by default. However, your administrator might disable features or alter permissions, which can restrict the following actions:
  • Creating communities or subcommunities
  • Deleting communities or subcommunities
  • Setting themes
  • Moderating community content
  • Adding members
  • Importing members
  • Inviting members

Community owner tasks

In addition to the tasks that a regular community member can perform, community owners can perform the following management tasks by default.
Table 1. Management tasks
Task type Community owners can
Community management
  • Delete the community
  • Update the community name
  • Update the community description
  • Change the community access level
  • Upload an image to associate with the community
  • Change the theme of the community
  • Add and remove community tags
  • Edit and delete community content
  • Create, edit, and delete subcommunities
  • Moderate community content
For more information, see Managing your communities.
Membership management
  • Add and remove members
  • Invite new members
  • Revoke member invitations
  • Accept membership requests (in a moderated community)
  • Change the role of members
  • Import community members
For more information, see How do I add community members?
Widget management
  • Add widgets
  • Edit widget settings
  • Move widgets
  • Hide widgets
  • Delete widgets
For more information, see Adding widgets to your community.
Community owners can also perform the following tasks when working with community resources.
Table 2. IBM® Connections widget tasks
Resource Community owners can
  • Edit and delete any community activities
  • Mark activities as complete
  • Add and remove activity members (by updating the community membership)
  • Add, edit, and delete community blog entries and comments
  • Update the community blog title, description, and tags
  • Change the time zone associated with the community blog
  • Change the access level of community blog members
  • Moderate the content of your community blog (when owner moderation is enabled)
  • Edit and delete any community bookmarks
  • Edit and delete any community events.
  • Edit and delete any community feeds
  • Update and remove any community files from the community
  • Change the file access level of community members
  • Moderate the content of community files (when owner moderation is enabled)
  • Restore deleted files to the community (when trash is enabled)
  • Delete individual files from the trash (when trash is enabled)
  • Delete all files from the trash (when trash is enabled)
  • Create, edit, and delete community forums
  • Edit, move, lock, pin, and delete forum topics
  • Moderate the content of community forums (when owner moderation is enabled)
Ideation Blog
  • Change the access level of members
  • Change Ideation Blog settings
  • Contribute, edit, graduate, and delete ideas
  • Specify the number of ideas that can be posted
  • Freeze idea creation
  • Freeze an Ideation Blog
  • Rename libraries
  • Change how members access files and folders
  • Configure the display of folders and files
  • Change default document type for all files uploaded to the library
  • Enable members to change the document type when uploading files
  • Enable draft review and modify related options
  • Empty the library trash
Linked Library
  • Change which Enterprise Content Management (ECM) server and library the Linked Library widget is connected to
  • Rename Linked Library widgets
  • Configure the display of folders and files
Media Gallery
  • Edit media gallery settings
  • Edit and delete any media gallery files
Related Communities
  • Edit and delete any related communities
Status Updates
  • Determine access level of who can post status updates
  • Create a community wiki
  • Edit or delete the community wiki
  • Add and remove wiki members (by updating the community membership)
  • Change the wiki access level of community members

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