What's new in IBM Connections?

Review new IBM® Connections features and functions.

IBM Connections 5.0 includes the following enhancements:
  • Community owners can now invite external users (people from outside your organization) to join restricted communities.
  • Authorized users can share files with external users.
  • When you delete a community, the community and all data that is associated with it are moved to a trash area. You can restore the community, provided it is not purged from trash.
  • File storage for communities is increased to 5 GB. You can share, edit, and collaborate on a broader range of content with this expanded capacity.
  • You can @mention users in every application in IBM Connections.
  • Use #hashtags in comments about status updates. Hashtags help other users to find your content.
  • In the new Globalization settings page, you can enable bidirectional language support, choose the direction of user-generated text, and set your preferred calendar.
  • You can paste or drag-and-drop images into activities, blogs, forums, and wikis.
  • When you type a link in a rich text field, it is automatically converted into a clickable URL.
  • You can subscribe to Atom feeds from any page in any application.
  • If the new Gallery app is enabled, you can preview files without opening them.

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