What can external users do?

You become an external user of IBM® Connections when:

What external users can do

As an external user, you can perform the following tasks:
  • Collaborate fully as members in communities, for example you can follow communities
  • View and download files that are shared with you
  • Edit files in IBM Docs
  • Join meetings that you are invited to
  • See an activity stream to which you have access
  • Edit your profile by clicking their picture and selecting My Profile
  • View business cards of anyone that shares content with you
  • Share files with people

What external users cannot do

As an external user, you cannot see the following IBM Connections items or perform the following tasks:
  • Be a community owner
  • Create a community
  • Follow people
  • See public microblogs
  • See public or moderated communities
  • See public files
  • See or search the company directory
  • Use type-ahead to find people
  • See recommended content or people
  • Access the Profiles menu.
  • Access other user profiles.

Identifying external users and what they can work with

If you are an external user, then content that you create or have access to is identified by an icon External user icon. The icon is applied to restricted communities that you are a member of, and files or content that is created by you or shared with you.