Giving applications access to your data

You can grant permission to applications to access your IBM® Connections data and to post data to IBM Connections.

Your administrator must register the applications that are allowed to ask for permission to use your data.

When you open a registered application, you are prompted whether you want to give the application access to your data. If you give permission, the application can use your data or push data to IBM Connections. The application has access to all content that you create in IBM Connections. For example, the application can use your profile photograph and personal information, as well as your files, comments, bookmarks, and blog entries. It could also post information to your IBM Connections home page status.

You can remove permissions from applications in IBM Connections: Hover the cursor over your name on any page in IBM Connections and select Settings from the menu that appears. Then, click the Application Access tab and, in the list of authorized applications, click Remove to remove permission.