Viewing bookmarks

Use the tabs in the Bookmarks toolbar to access the various bookmarks views.

About this task

Each Bookmarks view provides a unique perspective on the bookmarks collected.


Click one of the following tabs in the Bookmarks toolbar:
My Bookmarks
To list bookmarks that you have created. Your private bookmarks display a lock icon . You must be logged in to see the My Bookmarks list.
Public Bookmarks
To list all public bookmarks. The most recently created bookmarks are placed first on the bookmarks list.
To list bookmarks that are bookmarked most frequently over a given time frame. The time frame is configurable by the system administrator.
My Updates
To view bookmarks associated with a tag or a person that you have added to your watchlist. The watchlist is a convenient way to keep track of the latest bookmarks for a person or tag that you are interested in. You must be logged in to see or add items to your watchlist. You can also track notifications you have received and sent from this page.


There are other ways that you can browse for bookmarks, including: