Using an Ideation Blog

Create an Ideation Blog so your community can contribute and vote on ideas.


  1. From your community's overview page, choose Community Actions > Customize.
  2. Select Ideation Blog.
  3. Click Create Your First Idea to add an idea to the blog.
  4. Click Vote to vote for an idea you support. If you change your mind about an idea you voted for, click Voted to cancel your vote.
    Note: The number of votes each participant can cast is configurable from the Settings page for the blog. Participants can cast unlimited votes or be limited to a specified number. Status messages track the number of votes that are used and the number of votes available.
  5. Click Add a Comment to comment on an idea.
  6. Click More Actions > Notify Other People to send a link to the idea to people you specify.
  7. When you decide that an idea has enough support from the community, click Graduate. When an idea is graduated, the default behavior is to freeze all voting and commenting on the idea. You can create an activity to further develop the idea. If you change your mind about a graduated idea, open the idea and select Cancel Graduation. A blog owner can change the default setting to allow voting and commenting on a graduated idea.
  8. To review activity in the Ideation Blog, choose one of the following views from the navigation pane:
    • All Ideas shows all ideas that were contributed to the Ideation Blog, including graduated ideas.
    • Open Ideas shows just the ideas still available for an action, such as voting, commenting, or graduating.
    • Graduated Ideas shows ideas that you graduated.
    • My Votes shows the ideas that you voted for.

What to do next

To search for an idea or a comment in an Ideation Blog, choose one of the following search scopes in the search bar: